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More About Bejaia

Bejaia is a city north-eastern Algeria situated at the Mediterranean Sea, by the river of Wadi Soummam, on the foot of Mount Gouraya. It also an administrative centre of Bejaia province.

Bejaia is located far from other Algerian cities, but fortunately it has a good rail connections. There is also an airfield and a ferry between Bejaia and French Marseille. The city is very pretty. The main disadvantage is the air and water pollution.

There is a fantastic Old Town, where you can see a mosque from the 16th century and a Spanish fortress ? also from the 16th century. If you miss clear water you can to Tichi, which is only 17 km from Bejeia. You can find there some beautiful and clean beaches.

Bejaïa serves as a market town for an agricultural region of Kabylia, producing olives, figs, plums, oil and wine, in addition to wool and hides.

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Bejaia Tourism

Bejaia, Algeria is one place that you should not miss under any circumstances. Bejaia lies in the state of Algeria. It is well connected by all the major means of transport. The place is quite populated but you will really enjoy this very charming place. There is no dearth of tourist attractions in Bejaia. Trip to these fabulous places promises you a wonderful holiday. So come to the charming place of Bejaia, Algeria and simply enjoy. Following are some of the useful information about Bejaia.

Bejaia is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The location of the city on the shore of the sea makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. Set between the sea, a cape and a mountain, Bejaia is one of the most popular places among the travelers from all across the globe. The city bears the cultural heritage of Algeria. The narrow and meandering lanes of Bejaia in Algeria are truly intriguing. Though the streets are crowded most of the times, you will enjoy being amid all the people.

According to the recent census, the population of the Bejaia, Algeria is less than 200,000 inhabitants. The city is one of the most exotic locales to spend your vacations. No matter whether it's a romantic getaway or a family holiday, your trip to the Bejaia will be equally enjoyable. Due to the French colonization, the culture of the city bears immense influence of France. The manifestation of such influence is perfectly evident in the various culinary delights served in the restaurants in Bejaia, Algeria. Not only the French delicacies, the various eateries in the city serve a number of local fares. With a wide assortment of fares, these restaurants are truly a haven for the gastronomes traveling to Bejaia.

The main attractions in Bejaia comprise of the mosques and remnants from periods when military defense was an ultimate necessity. Set on the shores of the sea, this Algerian city bears close resemblance to any fishing village of the Mediterranean or any other place. The sandy beaches of the city are the other prime Bejaia attractions.

Bejaia History

Bejaia was founded by the Carthaginians long time before Christ. (the 1st millennium BC). In the 2nd century The Romans made it a commercial and military centre and named it Saldae.

During the early Middle Ages it was conquered by the Vandals, but soon it became a town ruled by the Berbers. The Berber dynasty of the Hammadid family wanted Bejaia to be their capital city. In the 13th it was incorporated into the empire of Tunis, but only 200 years later it became a big and famous pirate stronghold.

In the 15th centre the Spanish attacked the city and managed to take control over it, but couldnt relish their success for a long time, because in 1555 the Ottomans conquered the city and it remained a Turkish part of the empire for 300 years until the French came.

At the beginning of the 20th century the port and the whole harbour were modernized and 46 years after that an oil pipeline turned Bejaia into one of the main Algerian ports and the most important port for oil transportation.


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