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Quality Customer Care
is the foundation of our business charter and even though our customer service levels already far exceed those offered to customers by many of our competitors we continuously strive to do better.

Our customers appreciate the low ferry tickets prices we offer and to do this we maintain a relatively small staff compliment with subsequent operational cost savings being passed over to our customers by way of discounted ferry tickets.

Many questions our customers ask may be dealt with more efficiently and quickly online using the self service wizard below than over the telephone. Not only does this afford our staff more time to negotiate better ferry prices and holiday offers for you but it saves both us and you, our customer, time and money.

Cheap ferry tickets If you landed on this page unintentionally and wish to perform an online ferry ticket price check or make a ferry ticket reservation please click here.

Customer Care Self-Service Wizard


Please help us help you faster and better by making an apropriate selection from the drop down menu below. You are able to make further selections as you proceed till you obtain the information you desire.

Even though we enjoy speaking to our customers we ask that you please explore the menu options below before telephoning us with questions, the answers to which are most probably already available online.

If you are still unable to find an answer to your question via this customer care contact wizard please feel free to click here to contact us directly.


Ferryto Customer Service Pledge Customer Care Pledge

At we feel it's important to stay true to our business philosophy to not only ensure the longevity of relationships but also the continuing satisfaction of all our customers. We are customers as well distributors and we know what quality service is thus, we have the following pledge to all our partners and customers:-

  1. Do the right thing, always be fair, be cordial and go to lengths to satisfy a customer.
  2. To keep our customers connected and inform them about orders in a prompt manner.
  3. Provide exceptional customer service through regular interactions with our customers and be accessible to phone calls.
  4. To be on top of new technologies so that our product line evolves to meet our customers' changing demands.
  5. Have an expert team that is able to consult, teach, and support our customers whenever the need arises.
  6. Protect your information to prevent fraud and other malicious circumstance.
  7. Listen to feedback and experiences from our customers, it's the only road towards continuous improvement.

Let's face it, we're in business because of you, our customer. If for any reason you feel that any of the above commitments have been compromised please let us know so that we may address the issue personally and get you the response you deserve.



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