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More About Bar

Bar is a coastal town in Montenegro. It has a population of 17,727 (2011 census). Bar is the centre of municipality and a major seaport of Montenegro.

In Montenegrin and Serbian, the town is known as Bar and in Italian as Antivari or Antibari.

The name of this city is connected to Bari, Italy as those cities are located on opposite sides of the Adriatic sea. As a city of olives, the sea gate of Montenegro, long-lasting melting-pot of different confessions and nations, Bar represents a mix of modernity, tradition and beauty.

It is an important and dynamic economic centre within Montenegro, but is also a town of rich cultural and historical tradition.

Some of the highest achievements of Montenegro’s civilization originated in Bar.

Bar Ferry Port

Any visitor to the long-since dilapidated ruins of Stari Bar (Old Bar), one of the world’s largest fortified archaeological sites, will be impressed by the beauty of the natural surroundings into which it blends, dignifying the majestic Mount Rumija which towers above it. This contrast of nature and Mediterranean heritage represents one of the most important cultural and historical sites in Montenegro.

In this unique monument the remnants of many past civilizations and states that used to rule the region as can be recognized in the traces of everyday life from times past. In the town, there are churches and buildings from different epochs, squares, medieval palaces and houses that once were abundant with life.

In the present day, life in Stari Bar begins the moment the visitor enters it. Unlike other Montenegrin medieval towns, this place was not inhabited continually, so new times did not bring changes to affect its earlier ambiance. In addition to the old town, there is the large and well preserved Bar Aqueduct constructed during the 16th century - 17th century, and partially destroyed during the siege of 1877–1878.

What is bound to fascinate you when you encounter Stari Bar is its monumental size, the scale of its fortress and the variety of culturally significant heritage. This variety is unmatched by any other Montenegrin town.

The patron saint of Bar is Saint Jovan Vladimir, and a festive religious procession passes on his feast day (4 June) through the town's streets with church banners and icons, celebrating the saint. The procession is usually led by the Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral.

Bar Town

Bar has over 44 km of sea coast, including more than 20 beaches stretching over 9 km. As soon as you enter the area of the Bar municipality from the direction of Petrovac, you reach Čanj, which has a 1,100 metre-long colourful sandy beach. You can take a boat ride from Čanj to the Queen’s Beach (Kraljičina plaža), which can only be reached by sea.

It is a true jewel of the Bar Riviera enclosed by a natural wall of sedimentary rocks. Going from Čanj in the direction of Sutomore, you come across the 300 metre-long Maljevik Beach, offering a natural refuge from the hot summer sun in its thick and fragrant pine forest.
For those in search of exciting beaches offering restaurants and bars, Sutomore is the beach of choice. This sandy beach is 1,200 metres long and hosts beach soccer and beach volleyball tournaments throughout the summer.

Near the famous medieval monastery complex of Ratac there is the Red Beach (Crvena plaža), named after the colour of its fine sand. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest and located about a hundred metres from the main road to Bar.

Just before you enter Bar town centre there is the 1,200 metre-long Žukotrlica Beach. It is a gravel beach, surrounded by a pine forest and varied Mediterranean vegetation. Besides being Montenegro's main seaport, Bar and its surroundings are also a major tourist destination. Today's Bar is a modern city, built almost entirely after World War II, with modern buildings, wide boulevards and lots of parking space.

Although there are some nice cobble beaches in Bar itself, many tourists choose destinations in other small towns in Bar municipality, notably Sutomore, with its beautiful long sandy beach.

The entire area around Bar is mostly untoutched nature, and is rich in vegetation. The Bar municipality also stretches to the southern shore of Skadar lake and encompases Krajina region. This entire area is suitable for leisure activities and hiking. Smaller settlements near Bar, such as Dobra Voda, Sutomore and Čanj, are favourite destination for sunbathing, as they incorporate long sandy beaches.

Bar has a wind blowing for the south about 88 days a year, mostly during the winter. The southern wind is very soft and warm, but raises the waves in the sea. The weather temperature is as in July – about 28 °C (82 °F). There are approximately 2160 sunny hours a year. In winter the temperature drops down to 10 °C (50 °F) the lowest.


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